Millennial Noir

After watching my first ever episode of Gossip Girl, I was shocked by how millennial it was. The most fundamental element of the show (Gossip Girl Blog) fits perfectly with what we are studying. Furthermore, the issues surrounding the Gossip Girl blog share many similarities with what we have covered earlier in the semester. Gossip Girl stresses the importance of understanding how public everything put up on the Internet is. Information on the Internet is accessible by everyone, and it is easy to forget how damaging words can be when they are put up on the Internet. When watching Gossip Girl, I couldn’t help but to think about the scene in the beginning of The Social Network, in which Mark Zuckerberg blogs about his ex-girlfriend. In similar ways, Gossip Girl and The Social Network use technology as a vehicle in which the dark side of human emotions are exposed in a millennial fashion.

This leads to the topic of “millennial noir.” Before this week, I did not have a grasp of what the noir genre was all about. However, I find it very interesting the noir-like elements are reemerging in millennial shows like Gossip Girl and Veronica Mars. In Gossip Girl, nearly all of the characters are focused on sex, money and superficial social structures. Furthermore, Blair serves as a classic femme fatale. She seems to be a threat to everyone on the show and she manages to escape from threatening situations by using divisive tactics. Blair embodies many noir-like qualities and portrays them in a very millennialized fashion. Gossip Girl confirms the fact that technology can be abused in a way that can become extremely damaging to others.


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